JJ Watt Celebrates Son’s First Birthday, “Happiest year of our lives”

JJ and Kealia Watt marked their son Koa’s first birthday with immense joy and love. The retired defensive end, 34, and the soccer star, 31, took to their Instagram accounts to share the milestone with their followers, posting endearing pictures of Koa exploring the world.

JJ wrote, “Happiest year of our lives. Happy Birthday Koa James!”

Kealia, equally thrilled, shared the same photos online, reflecting, “Our baby is 1 🥹I don’t know how the time passed so quickly but it’s been the best year of our lives with sweet Koa bear💙.”

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the couple revealed Koa’s blossoming interest in sports.

“I imagine we’ll be coaching in some capacity in the future,” JJ remarked.

His son has already shown an early love for soccer. “He loves chasing it around and kicking it.”

Reflecting on fatherhood earlier this year, JJ shared with PEOPLE how this new role had profoundly transformed his life. “It’s changed me in so many ways,” he said.

“It’s a love that I never knew I could have, and it just makes you see the world in a different light.”

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He marveled at the impact it had on his perspective and relationship:

“Your perspective changes, your priorities change, and your marriage changes. I look at my wife in an even more beautiful light now, watching her be a mother to our beautiful son.”

Having retired from the NFL in late December, JJ eagerly looked forward to dedicating his time to his son. “I’m going to be looking after my own son, so it’s going to be very exciting,” he shared, embracing the new chapter of fatherhood with enthusiasm.

Dads make a difference.

Abortion advocates often ignore, belittle, and demonize fatherhood, but not only does the presence of a father improve social, mental, and physical outcomes for children, men who are active in their kids’ lives have better self-esteem and a stronger sense of purpose and meaning in life.

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