Irony: Planned Parenthood condemns violence in response to Molotov cocktail assault

You’ve probably heard by now: earlier this week, a group of Austin Pro-Lifers had a close call with a flaming Molotov cocktail hurled at them from 52-year-old Melanie Toney’s passing car.  Toney was arrested for aggravated assault after police tracked her white SUV down I-35.  Toney’s homemade explosive consisted of a full bottle of Molotov, a fuel additive, corked by a smoldering paper towel.  One of the Pro-Lifers quickly smothered the fire before the cocktail could explode.  A patch of scorched grass can now be seen outside of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill where the incident took place.

Ironically, Planned Parenthood made a statement about the incident in which they condemned “violence” and promoted “respectful dialogue.”  “Planned Parenthood does not believe violence gets us anywhere,” said Ken Lambrecht of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.  That statement is very interesting in light of the fact that the violence of abortion is precisely what has brought Planned Parenthood to where their behemoth business is today.  Is there really anything more ironic than the nation’s most well-established abortion chain preaching non-violence at anti-Life pundits?  How does an organization that runs on child-dismemberment credibly opine on the ethics of throwing an explosive at a crowd of people? 

As for “respectful dialogue,” Lambrecht’s statement continued: “We believe that there needs to be a respectful dialogue among individuals with differing opinions and we should always work together as best we can to further access to healthcare.”  If Planned Parenthood really cared about respectful dialogue, the organization would take greater measures to encourage supporters to be civil when Pro-Lifers try to dialogue with them.  Stories like this represent where Planned Parenthood really stands on “respectful” dialogue.  (Case in point: Go make a respectful, Pro-Life comment on any one of Planned Parenthood’s Facebook posts.  Then, sit back and wait for the assault.  The “respectful” dialogue will likely consist of obscenities, bullying, and/or name-calling—without Planned Parenthood encouraging a better way.)

Peace and respect are being extended by the Pro-Life targets of the attack, however.  “We forgive her,” said Heather Gardner of Central Texas Coalition for Life.  “It’s understandable that she’s angry.  I certainly hope that she doesn’t resort to violent actions like that again because it’s not helpful for anything including herself.  But we’re here for her and we want her to know that.”