International Planned Parenthood Federation solicited prostitutes for staff, donors, and guests at official functions

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), a global abortion business that claims to stand for abused and impoverished women across the world, has been accused of soliciting prostitutes for staff, donors, and guests at official functions in Africa.


The allegations come from Lucien Kouakou, the former IPPF Regional Director in Nairobi, Kenya, who was ousted in January.  Whistleblowers accused him and the organization of falsifying expense reports, faking invoices, making an improper £1 million land purchase in Nairobi, and intimidating a senior female colleague by sending her an inappropriate video.  Kouakou filed suit against his former employer seeking compensation.


In doing so, Kouakou claimed that Alvaro Bermejo, IPPF’s director general, told him that “there was promoting of prostitution within the organization, where prostitutes would be organised for IPPF staff, donors, and partners during functions.”  Kouakou further alleged that during a management meeting in London in July of 2018, he was told that “youth volunteers” were “given to… adult volunteers in sex relations.” Kouakou repeated the charges in Kenyan court documents in February.


IPPF was founded by Elise Ottesen-Jensen, Margaret Sanger, and Dhanvanthi Rama Rau in 1952 alongside national organizations like Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  They mask their true purpose in the usual euphemisms such as “women’s health” and “reproductive choice,” but make no mistake — IPPF’s business is based off of victimizing women and the unborn alike by committing abortions on a global scale.  The organization, which has over 30,000 employees, showed an annual income of $102 million, including $6.7 million from the United States, in 2017 financial statements.


If proven true, these allegations prove what Pro-Life people have known all along — that Planned Parenthood, both nationally and internationally, pays lip service to helping women, but makes massive profits by preying on the most vulnerable in society, particularly the preborn.

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