Incredible! Your voice is making a difference

On Sunday the Texas House Committee on Calendars voted to kill the Pro-Life Health Insurance Reform Bill (SB 575). This vital Pro-Life bill would protect Texans from paying for others’ abortions through health insurance plans. 

But this was not the end of the story! Pro-Life Texans immediately flooded the Capitol with phone calls urging their representatives to reconsider SB 575 and vote Pro-Life. 

House committee members received SO MANY phone calls from citizens that within TWO HOURS they reconvened and unanimously passed SB 575 out of committee! 

This shocking and dramatic turn of events is due entirely to the action of Pro-Life Texans who bravely made their voices heard. 

The voice of the people will prevail! Pro-Life Texans do not want to pay for abortions. This was the clear and LOUD message representatives received from their Pro-Life constitutients last week. 

Thank you for taking action and making your voice heard. Your voice is valuable and is truly making a difference. 

Together we are building a more Pro-Life Texas.