In pathetic political strategy, Planned Parenthood characterize Pro-Lifers as "extremists"

Apparently this is irony week over at Planned Parenthood.  First the abortion behemoth made social media do a collective double-take, tweeting: “Every child deserves the opportunity to live up to their God-given potential.”  Now, their social media posts have replaced any reference to Pro-Life advocates with the word “extremists.”  In fact, the group used the words “extreme” and “extremist” in reference to Pro-Lifers seven times in a single four-hour stretch on Tuesday afternoon. 






Calling Pro-Lifers, whose strategy is peaceful and loving, “extremists” in the wake of a string of actual extreme attacks in Paris and elsewhere is deeply arrogant and unbelievably inconsiderate toward this week’s actual victims of extremism.  Planned Parenthood’s own overtly barbaric abortion work, too, leaves us confounded as to how those of us who oppose brutally dismembering, dissecting, and selling the bodies of innocent people are “extreme.”  According to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Pro-Lifers bringing their principles to the polls is apparently what earned us this epithet. 

“Extremists,” Richards said in a video (comically entitled, Cecile Richards Puts Extremists on Notice) “have made the 2016 election about attacking reproductive rights.”  Translation: being Pro-Life = being an extremist.  

Last year’s model of the terrorist-Pro-Lifer comparison came in the form of the “American Taliban” tagline.

Indeed, we aren’t surprised by the creative nomenclature manufactured by a movement that is wholly and helplessly reliant on semantics.  After all, they don’t have science, ethics, or logic pleading their case.  When abortion advocates run out of nice-sounding words in which to couch their pro-death agenda, that will be game-over for their movement.