Houston´s anti-Life "Republican" Sarah Davis

In a state in which the majority of citizens believe in the sanctity of Life, Pro-Life Texans in Houston should know that the lone “Republican” state representative endorsed by Planned Parenthood is Sarah Davis, who represents the west side of Houston within the I-610 Loop.

The Texas Legislature convenes for 140 days in odd-numbered years, so our legislators have met and adjourned until 2017.  During every legislative session, Texas Right to Life spearheads the Pro-Life agenda to pass protections and reforms on myriad Life issues.  Regrettably, Sarah Davis opposes all Pro-Life measures and is a proud and vocal supporter of abortion.

Davis’s anti-LIFE record demonstrates her committed advocacy of abortion:

• In 2011, Davis was the lone Republican to vote against the Sonogram Law.

• In 2013, while serving on the Appropriations Committee, which crafts the state’s budget, Davis fought to keep health care dollars for women’s health initiatives flowing to abortionists rather than to agencies that offer a wide spectrum of services to Texas women.

• In 2013, Davis was the only Republican to vote against the landmark Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, House Bill 2.  This bill included a provision to prohibit abortions in Texas when babies can feel pain – at five months of development.  Davis voted against protecting these vulnerable babies as well as the requirement that abortion mills comply with standard health and safety regulations.

• On the Appropriations Committee again in 2015, Davis opposed increasing funds to the state’s program for Alternatives to Abortion.  She fought to keep abortion providers eligible for contracts for Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Programs although abortionists and abortion mills are not even equipped to provide such services.  (Worth noting: Davis is a survivor of breast cancer; one would think that she would advocate for the maximum efficiency of every dollar spent on screenings, but her advocacy of abortion outweighs her desire to reach diverse populations of women with life-saving healthcare and screenings.)

• In 2015, Davis twice voted “No” as a member of the House Committee on Calendars on whether to send Pro-Life legislation to the House floor for consideration.

• The abortion crowd (Planned Parenthood and NARAL) champions Davis as a “Pro-Choice Republican,” contriving a bi-partisan coalition against Pro-Life measures.

Unlike some Republicans who try to hide their anti-Life record, Sarah Davis proudly displays hers for all of Texas to see.  Keeping Sarah Davis in elected office is contrary to the tenets of the Republican Party of Texas and a danger to the preborn and to pregnant mothers across the state.