Houston mega Planned Parenthood abortion mill botches another abortion

Barely a year after this bewildering 911 call about a post-abortive mother hemorrhaging at Planned Parenthood Center for Choice in Houston, the same facility appears to have botched another abortion last Friday – the fourth in the last month. An ambulance with lights and sirens on reportedly transported a patient in the direction of Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, where the same Planned Parenthood location has sent other botched abortion victims in the past.

Operation Rescue, a Pro-Life organization that focuses efforts on reporting abortion malpractice and botched abortions to appropriate government authorities in an effort to shut down shoddy abortion facilities, will continue to investigate the occurrence until more details surface.

Meanwhile, Operation Rescue disclosed:

In Houston, activists with the Houston Coalition for Life reported that the ambulance turned off lights and sirens when leaving the Planned Parenthood abortion facility on Gulf Coast and only reactivated them after turning the corner onto another street. The ambulance was seen headed in the direction of Ben Taub Hospital, where other women injured by abortions at Planned Parenthood were also sent.

Operation Rescue has documented at least five other medical emergencies at this Houston Planned Parenthood facility[.]

Operation Rescue reports being bombarded with reports of botched abortions over the weekend, including three others in California, Arkansas, and Ohio.

The efforts of Texas Right to Life to advance full enforcement of the regulations defined in House Bill 2 ensures that women and their preborn children will be spared from the predatory and inhumane practices of the abortion industry in Texas. According to Operation Rescue, nearly one thousand mothers are likely hospitalized in Texas every year because of botched abortions and abortion complications.