Houston law student welcomes baby on graduation day


Recently, the Houston Chronicle featured the story of Margaret “Maggie” Webber, who graduated from the University of Houston Law Center this year.  Maggie wasn’t able to attend the graduation ceremony on May 13, but as the Chronicle reports, she had one of the best excuses possible.  At the same time she was supposed to be walking across the stage to receive her diploma, Maggie was in the Medical Center delivering her son.

Hudson Brian Webber, Jr., whom the family nicknamed Beau, was born after Maggie’s water broke at midnight the day of the graduation.  She told the Chronicle, “I love the timing, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”  While she missed the cheers of the crowd at graduation, Maggie added that her husband was by her side to cheer her on throughout the birth of their son.

Maggie’s positive experience of welcoming her son extends to her final year of law school when she was expecting Beau.  She described the time as “a great experience,” saying, “The administration was really helpful.”  Maggie’s praise for the administration of the University of Houston Law Center speaks well of the school.  

In recent years, Pro-Life groups have worked to bring awareness of the challenges faced by pregnant and parenting students.  When the administration supports students who are also juggling the demands of parenthood, everyone has the opportunity to benefit.  Students do not feel unneeded pressure in fulfilling the many demands they face.  Students’ preborn and young children will have the many benefits that come from parents who finish their degrees and attain better job placement.  Finally, the school community benefits, because pregnant and parenting students bring more life experience and diverse perspectives to the classroom that can enrich the education of their peers.

The University of Houston Law Center has a welcoming administration that helped Maggie achieve graduation and motherhood, but many colleges, medical schools, and law schools are not so understanding.  What can we do to encourage a Pro-Life environment on other campuses?  Texas Right to Life has seen tremendous strides through student-led initiatives supported by our Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship and Graduate Scholarships for medical and law students.  Students in these programs have resources and training from Texas Right to Life to bring Pro-Life speakers and discussions to campus.  Many groups sponsor scholarships for their pregnant and parenting peers and volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers.  Through grassroots outreach on college campuses and graduate programs, students can change their school culture into one that is accepting and supportive of students who choose Life.  Other groups, like Students for Life of America, also have a program for law students to bring the Culture of Life to programs that have been hostile to Pro-Life values.  

Texas Right to Life congratulates Maggie and her family on the birth of her son.  Together, we can work to help other students succeed both in the classroom and as parents.


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