Hospital threatening to pull the plug? | Find a patient advocate

Is a hospital forcing you to pull the plug against your will?

We can help protect your right to fight for your loved one’s life.

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Speak to one of our patient advocates who are trained to identify how time-sensitive your situation is, offer practical advice and if needed, connect you with an attorney. 

We may be able to help in these situations:

  • You’re given 10 days to transfer your loved one before the hospital pulls the plug;
  • A hospital ethics committee meeting has been called to discuss removing your loved one’s life-sustaining treatment against your will (like a ventilator, dialysis, or blood pressure medication);
  • Doctors declared your loved one brain dead and want to withdraw life-sustaining treatment against your will;
  • You know or suspect that a hospital or doctor has placed an unwanted do-not-resuscitate order (DNR) on your loved one.

If you think that a disagreement is brewing between you and the hospital caring for your loved one, seek help immediately.  

Texas Right to Life is experienced in advocating for patients and their families through these complicated conflicts with medical professionals.  While we are not a law firm, our patient advocates are deeply invested in helping families ensure you and your loved ones have a voice in this unjustly slanted process.

Call today: 713-782-5433