Horrific: Before Roe v. Wade this woman killed babies in back alley abortions and has no regrets

Sometimes abortion activists are unintentionally transparent about their motivations and goals, such as abortion extremist Laura Kaplan in a recent interview on public radio.  Anti-Lifers consistently demonstrate disregard for human Life and a persistence that should not be underestimated.  In these moments of honesty about the anti-Life worldview, Pro-Lifers should take careful note and understand the enemy we face.

Kaplan, lauded in the recent interview, admits to committing illegal abortions along with a collective of other women who were not doctors.  What she reveals in these remarks is a commitment to abortion before anything else, a threat which should not be underestimated. Kaplan was a member of the illegal group “Jane.”  As Texas Right to Life has previously reported:

The Jane Collective, a group of abortion activists based in Chicago, acted as an underground referral service for women seeking elective abortion before killing the preborn was legalized in 1973.  Between 1969 and 1973, the group ended the lives of more than 11,000 babies.  Because reputable doctors were unwilling to end the lives of preborn babies, the members of the underground employed seedy abortionists and eventually taught themselves to commit abortions.

The idea that thousands of women were dying in illegal abortions before Roe was fabricated by abortion groups who wanted to legalize elective abortions without limitations is false.  Make no mistake: Jane and other illegal abortion “services” were not saving lives as they often claim; they were ending the lives of thousands of innocent children and endangering their mothers with a lethal and wholly unnecessary act of violence.

These groups formed to destroy innocent human Life pride themselves on never asking a mother why she is seeking abortion.  Yet, Kaplan admits that many women seeking abortions were in situations of intimate partner violence, poverty, or other severe threats.  Instead of seeking information and offering any form of meaningful support, the illegal abortion collective tore apart the innocent child and sent the mother back to the dangerous circumstances that prompted her to seek abortion in the first place.  

Pro-Lifers have revealed this is exactly what the legal abortion industry continues to do: preying on vulnerable women in difficult circumstances without addressing clear and pressing needs in the mother’s life.  Kaplan recalls many of the mothers seeking elective abortion were “very young women,” likely similar to the underage victims of incest and rape who have been sent back to their abusers after forced abortions at Planned Parenthood. 

A charge that even Kaplan cannot deny is that abortion organizations disproportionately harm women of color and women living in poverty.  Rather than refute this fact, Kaplan says, “This is what some of the radical black voices were saying in the ’60s as well, and certainly, we can’t deny the kind of abuses that women of color faced.”  She goes on to say that around 70 to 80% of the women who sought illegal abortions committed by Kaplan and her anti-Life group were women of color, a truly alarming statistic.

Abortion advocates often try to suggest that thousands of women were dying from unsafe, illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade legalized elective abortion in all 50 states.  The truth is that so-called “safe” legal abortion sometimes kills women and always takes the life of at least one innocent child.  Legalizing abortion was not about “helping” women; legalizing abortion was solely to ensure more widespread killing of the preborn.

We cannot underestimate the anti-Life movement’s commitment to abortion.  Already, as states begin to pass stronger Pro-Life laws, anti-Lifers are encouraging women to end the lives of their preborn children themselves.  Laws are not enough.  The Pro-Life movement must continue to reach mothers in crisis to give them real choices and the ability to choose Life for their children.  Anti-Life radicals have killed preborn babies with their own hands before, and we cannot doubt that they will do this again. In addition to the battle for laws that protect innocent human Life, we must win hearts and minds

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