Homecoming Queen Lights Up Life

After campaigning on a platform that encourages life, Molly Anne Dutton became Auburn’s 100th Homecoming Queen.  Not complacent to simply wear the crown and title of 100th Queen, Molly Anne will use her influence to share her story and her passion for the Pro-Life cause. 
Sexually assaulted over 22 years ago, Molly Anne’s birth mother resisted pressure from her then-new husband to abort the baby conceived from rape by another man.  This courageous young mom refused to end the life she carried inside.  She sought help in Birmingham, Alabama, at the Lifeline Adoption Agency.  In the midst of tragedy and confusion, pursuing adoption was a parenting choice that provided a loving option for a couple who served on the board of Lifeline.  The kind-hearted couple were ecstatic to adding the blessing of Molly Anne to their family.
Molly Anne told Fox & Friends’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck, “I knew if I wanted to share one story on Auburn’s campus, I did want it to be impactful and reach all different areas of Auburn’s campus.”
Molly Anne is stirring hearts and minds as her life's story has gripped Auburn’s campus, the state of Alabama, and the entire nation.  “When we were getting this campaign ready, we worried about how the Auburn student body would respond.  Never in our minds were we trying to comprehend how the national public was going to take on this story,” Molly Anne told a Montgomery newspaper.
Molly Anne is a testament to the beauty of choosing life even in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances, and her beautiful journey dispels the lies of the “hard cases” upon which the left relies to oppose restrictions on abortion.  Adoption equipped Molly Anne’s biological mother with the resources and support necessary to provide a stable and loving future for her daughter.  Molly Anne is the exception to which even many Pro-Lifers will concede.
Women victimized by rape and incest need not be given ultimatums or pressured to end the life of a child.  Rather, counseling, hope, love, and support help heal hurting women while they come to grips with the pregnancy. 
Molly Anne is more than an exception or a hard case; she is an exceptional young woman who will continue to “Light up LIFE” with her spirit and her story.  “Here I am, sitting before y’all, 22 years later, declaring how radiant my life has been,” Molly Anne concluded, telling Hasselbeck.
Pro-Life Texans stand with Molly Anne as she radiates the message of her life.  The students of Auburn University are to be applauded for allowing this young woman to spread her story of life and love. 
Molly Anne's homecoming campaign ad: