Hippocratic Students for Life tries to find faculty sponsor at Texas Tech nursing school

Courtney Bray is a Dr. Edward Hannigan Pro-Life Health Professional Student Scholar in the School of Nursing at Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Abilene, TX.  Since her arrival in Abilene last fall, Courtney has attempted to establish a Pro-Life club at the school but has been met by much red tape.  In the following account, Courtney shares her struggles and hopes for the club.


The spring 2018 semester has been one of trials and tribulations.  I have yet to find a sponsor for Hippocratic Students for Life so that the group may become an official Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center student organization.  I have been in contact with multiple faculty members to discuss being the group’s sponsor, however all leads have led to dead-ends.  Although this has been discouraging, I will not stop seeking a sponsor in order to spread the Culture of Life on my campus.  Like Randy Pausch famously said, “The brick walls are there for a reason.  The brick walls are not there to keep us out.  The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.  Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.”  This barrier in finding a sponsor is my brick wall, and I, without a doubt, am not forfeiting.  I know that this group, once established, will truly benefit my nursing school.  Pro-Life groups cultivate a Culture of Life through education, empathy, compassion, and promotion of truth about the Pro-Life movement.  I believe that this group will positively affect all involved because, as future health care providers, we will be on the front lines.  We will be present for someone’s first breath as well as someone’s last.  As nurses, pharmacists, public health workers, doctors, and health care providers, we need to have an inherent respect for Life in order to be the best providers possible and advocate for the most life-affirming course of medical action.

Once we do have our sponsor, we will be in full swing.  I have found several students in my cohort and school who have expressed interest in joining the group.  I also have planned our calendar and possible meetings.  I have meeting topics, activities, volunteering, power points, and projects ready for the semester once we have the all clear from the school.

I am confident and excited for the future of my group.  I have scheduled more meetings with faculty members to discuss sponsorship; I pray that one of these allows us to establish our group officially.

Although starting this club has had a rocky start, I am continuing to push forward.  I truly believe that this group will improve the lives of future health care professionals.  I know that if even one person’s heart and mind are changed, all the red tape will have been worth the work.  Because this group will be educating medical professionals, future patients will be directly impacted.  If we have more health care professionals with a Pro-Life mind set, we can better care for our patients and increase life-affirming patient outcomes.  From fertilization to natural death, health care providers impact every stage of Life.