Hillary Clinton entertains the idea of appointing Obama to the Supreme Court

In January, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton told a group of supporters in Iowa that she “loved” the idea of appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.



“Wow what a great idea,” she told the audience member who asked about a potential Obama appointment to the Supreme Court.  “Nobody has ever suggested that to me.  Wow, I love that!  Wow!”

As she collected her thoughts, Hillary noted that Obama, “may have a few other things to do” after leaving office, “but I’ll tell you,” she said, “that’s a great idea.”

Indeed, Supreme Court vacancies are highly probable during the next presidential term.  In fact, Hillary estimated that the next President, “may get anywhere from one to three Supreme Court appointments.”  And Hillary believes the bench is in dire need of an overhaul.

“I think the Supreme Court has really unfortunately been heading in the wrong direction,” she said, citing the Court’s ruling on the Voting Rights Act Reauthorization as evidence that Supreme Court justices are out-of-touch with America.  “[W]e need new justices who actually understand the challenges we face,” she said.  “You know, I can’t tell whether it’s just naiveté or it’s just ideological, theoretical views…”

Hillary’s misgivings with the Supreme Court are vastly different from those of Pro-Life Americans, however.  In fact, Clinton is wildly out-of-touch with mainstream America in regards to abortion.  Clinton staunchly opposes any limits on abortion whatsoever – including widely-supported measures to protect fully-formed, pain-capable preborn children from torturous abortion methods.  And appointing Obama to the Supreme Court would only serve to cement an anti-Life worldview in which fundamental rights were withheld from the most vulnerable populations, including the elderly and preborn.

On the other hand, Pro-Life politicians and voters take issue with the Supreme Court’s tendency to exploit the Constitution in defense of made-up abortion “rights.”  Thus, while Americans everywhere would like to see the Supreme Court overhauled, Hillary’s vision for the bench would have disastrous consequences for the cause of Life.

Clinton enthusiastically promised to “take that [appointment of Obama]under advisement.”  She continued: “I mean, he’s brilliant, and he can set forth an argument, and he was a law professor, so he’s got all the credentials.”  Clinton acknowledged, however, that a Democratic Senate would be needed “to get him confirmed.”