Hillary Clinton calls abortion ´most basic of human rights´

The abortion camp needs a lesson on the basics because, basically, they’ve got it all wrong.  Last night in an email to supporters, Planned Parenthood quoted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as calling abortion “the most basic of human rights.”

How absurd.  But, let’s pause for a moment and think this statement through logically.  If abortion were a “right,” women who have exercised that “right” would only have had the opportunity to do so because they were first granted an even more fundamental right — the right to live.  How can a woman abort her child if she herself were never allowed to be born, or had her life unjustly taken from her after birth?  One right (Life) must be established before another “right” (abortion) can be exercised.
The United Nations has a hierarchy of human rights that has been accepted as authoritative by free nations.  Their list places the right to medical care (the abortion lobby calls abortion “healthcare”), the right to own property, the right to freedom of religion, the right to rest from work, the right to education, and many other rights well below the following statement: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person.” 
The UN rightly — and logically — recognizes that some rights cannot be exercised unless other, more fundamental rights have been granted first.  This is not to say that the United Nations is Pro-Life on the abortion issue (it’s not), but this does go to show that the abortion lobby’s hierarchy of human rights differs vastly from the UN’s.  The abortion lobby has taken the free world’s understanding of human rights and turned it upside down.  They've put abortion at the top of their “rights” totem pole.
The UN (and the United States' Declaration of Independence) prioritizes life, liberty, and security of person (or “the pursuit of happiness”).  These three rights are listed in logical, descending order: one must be alive to be free, and one must be free in order to live life to the fullest. 
To speak bluntly, none of us would ever be free or happy if our mothers killed us in the womb.  Abortion is not the “most basic of human rights.” Not by a long shot.
The free world also accepts that we do not have the right to infringe on the rights of others.  If you would end up hurting somebody by exercising what you consider to be a right, then you should not exercise that “right.” 
And the truth about abortion is that it always hurts somebody.  Except in very rare cases when abortion fails, it always kills somebody.  Abortion violates the child’s most fundamental right to live. So considering this, abortion isn’t even a right at all — it’s tyranny. 
So, Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton, who have great influence in Washington, support tyranny as “the most basic of human rights.”  That's terrifying.