Help Texas Right to Life save lives during this Special Session of the Texas Legislature

Despite the stall tactics and liberal leadership in the Texas House of Representatives, our legislative team secured three major Pro-Life victories from the regular session.

These Pro-Life successes are credited to the strong Pro-Life leadership of Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, the Texas Senate, and the tenacity of the Freedom Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives.

But unfortunately, the liberal leadership in the Texas House of Representatives has failed Texans with so many missed opportunities to substantially reduce the 55,000 abortions that will be committed in Texas this year if more life-saving laws are not passed in this 30-day special session.

The failed leadership of the Texas House has left Governor Greg Abbott with no other option than forcing a special session of the Texas Legislature, which began July 18 and lasts until August 16.

Governor Abbott has called for four Pro-Life bills to be passed in the special session.

This opportunity will prove to be very expensive.  Our legislative team of seven will spend every single day of this 30-day time period at the Capitol working to save as many innocent lives as possible and dismantle the foundation of Roe v. Wade.

Although this special session is a very unexpected expense, we rejoice in the bonus opportunity to pass substantial life-saving bills rather than having to wait for the next regular session in 2019.


We have a rare opportunity to save thousands of lives over the next 29 days.  But we must have the funds to remain on the battlefield and wage a relentless campaign against the culture of death encamped in our Austin capitol.

Transform Texas culture and save thousands of innocent babies with a gift of $25, $75, $250, $500, $1,000 or more today.