Help Support Bearkats for Life’s Upcoming Projects

Many people claim pro-lifers only care about babies before they are born.  Sam Houston State University’s Pro-Life group, Bearkats for Life, is proving that could not be further from the truth with several projects this semester that truly embody the “love them both” philosophy.

“We want students to know that we not only care about their baby but we also care about them and want to help them in any way we can,” President Lilliana Cortez said about the group’s purpose.

Some of their upcoming projects include hosting a baby shower for an expecting student, putting together a toddler/baby clothing drive, and fundraising for their Pregnant and Parenting Scholarship.

After connecting with an expecting student on social media, Bearkats for Life will be helping host her baby shower. “We’re helping with decorations, games, and presents.  We’re just as excited as she is,” Public Relations Officer Skyler Rutland commented.

Additionally, directly after spring break, the group is launching a toddler/baby clothing drive from March 20 to April 20.  The organization will be collecting toddler boy clothes in sizes 2T, 3T, or 4T and baby girl clothes in sizes 3 to 12 months to help two local mothers, one who has two-year-old boy and another who has a 3-month-old baby girl.

Bearkats for Life’s biggest project yet is to raise money for their Pregnant and Parenting Scholarship, which will be the first of its kind to be awarded at Sam Houston State University.  Their goal is to raise $500 and award the scholarship May 1 to a parent on campus.  The scholarship will help provide financial relief for pregnant or parenting students who are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours at Sam Houston State University and reside with their child or children.  Mothers and fathers are both eligible.  Applications are available on Bearkats for Life’s social media pages and scholarship interviews will be held April 16-23.

“Several students have shown interest in the scholarship.  The more money we raise, the more parents we can help, but for right now we’re focused on awarding our first one-time $500 scholarship,” Treasurer Ilyssa Gonzalez explained.

To help support Bearkats for Life’s Pregnant and Parenting Scholarship you can donate here: