The Texas Heartbeat Act Lawsuits Update

The wave of unrelenting lawsuits against the Texas Heartbeat Act has persisted for over six months now. When the abortion industry attacked with sixteen federal and state lawsuits, there were many who doubted the Texas Heartbeat Act’s future. The sheer volume of lawsuits was meant to intimidate the Pro-Life movement into submission and silence. 

The abortion industry hoped that politically biased judges would quickly stamp out our Pro-Life progress. Yet, due to solid legal grounding—and by the grace of God—the Texas Heartbeat Act has remained strong against these lawsuits. The abortion industry’s legal challenges against us are being repeatedly whittled away.

On the federal level, the Biden administration’s baseless Department of Justice lawsuit, United States of America v. State of Texas, was dismissed in early December.  

The second federal lawsuit, Whole Woman’s Health et al. v. Jackson, et al, was just returned by the Supreme Court of Texas to the federal level for what is likely to be a dismissal. This lawsuit has been in many different courts including the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). With each step the suit was weakened further and further. Now this suit is likely to undergo its final defeat. 

This still leaves the fourteen state abortion industry lawsuits targeting Texas Right to Life.

United States of America v. State of TexasSupreme Court of the United States (Federal)Dismissed
Whole Woman’s Health et al. v. Jackson, et alCurrently in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal)Soon to be Dismissed
Van Stean v. Texas Right to Life (14 Consolidated Lawsuits)3rd Court of Appeals, Austin(State)Appealed

The fourteen lawsuits have all been consolidated into one case. In this case, anti-Life Judge Peeples issued an unfavorable ruling against Texas Right to Life. We then filed an appeal with the Texas Third Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Despite this temporary unfavorable ruling against Texas Right to Life, the abortion industry has admitted that they are still forced to comply with the Texas Heartbeat Act.

These state lawsuits are less an attack on the Texas Heartbeat Act and more an attempt to specifically block Texas Right to Life from enforcing the life-saving law. Even if the abortion industry wins this case the Texas Heartbeat Act will still remain in effect. Through these lawsuits, the abortion industry hopes to parade to their supporters that they are fighting against Pro-Life laws. 

These lawsuits against Texas Right to Life demonstrate the abortion industry’s rage and desire to silence and intimidate the entire Pro-Life movement. Effectively what these lawsuits proclaim is, “take a bold stand for Life and you’ll be sued, so keep quiet!”

Of course we will not be intimidated. Nor will Pro-Life Texans stand down when thousands of innocent lives are on the line. 

Whatever the anti-Life groups might be scheming, they are no match for the culture of Life that continues to grow stronger every day. 

Life will triumph.

We anticipate the Supreme Court’s verdict in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization this Summer. We are optimistic that this case may result in the full reversal of Roe v. Wade. If Roe is overturned, the abortion industry’s lawsuits will be moot as they will be completely and entirely outlawed in Texas. 

In the meantime, we continue to strategically engage in these fights for Life and work even more diligently to build a truly Pro-Life Texas that is ready for a post-Roe world!

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