Guidelines for calling legislators

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A flood of phone calls to a legislator’s office on one side of a pending issue can often influence the legislator’s vote.  Generally, “telephone tree” campaigns are directed at the home district office of a legislator, but they can also be very effective when directed at the Washington or Austin office, depending on whether it’s federal or state legislation.  Phone calls are especially helpful on the day of an important vote.  When calling your legislator, always remember to request a written response and give the office your name and address.

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Find state & national legislators' telephone numbers.

You can greatly assist Texas Right To Life’s lobbying efforts by sending a copy of any response that you receive from a legislator to:

Elizabeth Graham, Legislative Director
Texas Right To Life Committee, Inc.
6776 Southwest Freeway, #430
Houston, Texas 77074
Phone (713) 782-LIFE
Fax (713) 952-2041