Giving Tuesday: Support your Pro-Life Headquarters today!

Friend —

Move over Black Friday, see you later Cyber Monday, it’s time to take a break from spending and start giving. Tomorrow, December 2, is GivingTuesday, a day for individuals, businesses, and charitable groups to celebrate, give back, and support a cause that makes a significant impact on life and the world.

Giving Tuesday, a global movement for giving and volunteering, is a time to reflect on the meaning of giving. And as we approach Christmas, we encourage you to help make history by joining the Giving Tuesday wave of support. At Texas Right to Life, we invite you join us in celebrating the gift of Life by donating to our mission of defending and championing innocent human Life.

You’ve been a huge part of our success in 2014, a year of tremendous victories for Life. Together, as we champion Life and spread the Pro-Life message, abortionists and their defenders are finding themselves losing ground to the Culture of Life. However, these wins did not come without a steep price: They required constant focus, prayers, resources, and very hard work.

We triumphantly fought a two-front war against the liberal pro-abortion Democrats and the establishment Republicans (and all the powerful organizations that supported them).

You, and Pro-Lifers like you, joined with us because we did not abandon principle and were blessed like never before.

You and your Pro-Life neighbors built this! Thank you!

However, the battle is not over. I'm hearing that several of the few remaining RINOs — Republicans In Name Only — are furious that we targeted and embarrassingly ended the political careers of some of their fellow establishment Republicans.

These men and women who seek power and popularity over principle are again scheming to block our proposed legislation when the new session starts in January in 2015.

In fact, one prominent Republican member of the State House recently said that the House would be the graveyard for conservative legislation that will come over from the State Senate, the new State Senate that you helped us make even more conservative and Pro-Life. We built this — together, and now some are trying to tear this down.

Despite our powerful Pro-Life majorities in both our State Senate and in our State House, you can see that a few bad apples in House leadership are determined that there will be no Pro-Life bills of substance passed in 2015.

That's why my team is working on new plans to protect Life at all stages of Life, from conception to natural death. Now’s your chance to make that impact even bigger!

Will you join with us and make a Christmas gift this Giving Tuesday of $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000?

Friend, there's no organization that protects Life like Texas Right to Life, and that's because of you. Give us the gift of your Christmas support this Giving Tuesday. Pledge today!

Yours for Life.