Gendercide is good for business at America´s abortion mills

An undercover investigation by Live Action in 2012 revealed that abortion mills across the country are ready and willing to commit abortions solely on the basis of the sex of a preborn child. Girls in particular are singled-out by this discriminatory practice around the world, but shockingly the targeting of female babies for death is a problem right here on U.S. soil.

Working with Live Action, pregnant mothers went undercover in Texas, North Carolina, Hawaii, Arizona, and New York to see what abortion workers would say when they blatantly admitted to female discrimination as the basis for their decision to abort. Even in states where this practice is outlawed, abortion workers ensured that the unwanted female could be aborted.

The first undercover investigation was filmed right here in Texas, where Planned Parenthood South Austin not only assented to a mother’s request to abort her unborn daughter because she was a girl, but also instructed her to abuse Medicaid in order to definitively determine the baby’s sex under the care of an OB/GYN.

Planned Parenthood is notorious for Medicaid fraud, especially in Texas. In 2013, in fact, Planned Parenthood was ordered to repay the state $1.4 million in stolen Medicaid funds. In the investigation above, a clinic worker is caught explaining how she personally abused Medicaid to receive prenatal and OB/GYN resources during and after her terminated pregnancy. She advises the young mother, who only intends to continue her pregnancy if her baby is a boy, to apply for Medicaid in order to determine the baby’s sex via ultrasound screening at an OB/GYN, paid for by taxpayer dollars. The clinic worker then discourages the woman from telling her OB/GYN that she intends to kill her child if the baby is a girl.

Likewise, in the other four states investigated, similar conversations ensued. In Arizona gendercide abortion is explicitly illegal and reasons for abortion are more intensely scrutinized than elsewhere; even there abortion workers encouraged such abortions. They also instructed a mother seeking to kill her preborn daughter to falsify her paperwork by signing an affidavit stating that she was not aborting on the grounds of her baby’s sex or race. In no state was a mother discouraged by abortion workers from aborting her child because the baby was female. In no state did an abortion worker attempt to speak up for or protect the rights of the preborn women condemned to death for their biology.

Gender discrimination is recognized by the civilized world as a base and inhuman form of discrimination. Gender discrimination marginalizes women, subjecting them to violent injustices and abuse. Gendercide abortion is the most vile expression of prejudice against women. In a country in which women have won the right to vote, the right to work in any industry, the right to equal pay, the right to limitless education, the right to property—in short, all of the same rights that men possess why have they not won the most basic, human, and fundamental right, the right to Life?

The American abortion industry cannot be allowed to continue profiting off of discrimination against the very sex they pretend to “serve.”