Gen Z Stands up to Planned Parenthood Teen Abortion Program

By: A Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow at Texas Tech University

The nonprofit Planned Parenthood flaunts a big pink logo and tells the world that they are empowering women through abortions. But Planned Parenthood is in the business of profit, not empowering women. According to their website, they report more than $1 billion in profit each year. 

Planned Parenthood’s target audience is young women and men. In Houston, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is offering a “teenReach” program for high school students ages 14-19. This virtual program claims to empower teens to educate their peers and families about sexual health topics, healthy decision-making, and how to use their voices to raise awareness about the unique health issues teens face today.

Planned Parenthood’s message is that abortions are necessary to succeed. In reality, abortion is proof that society has failed women, failed to offer financial support, failed to offer child care, and failed to offer resources to scared mothers and fathers. Planned Parenthood has created a mindset in which men do not need to respect women and their sexuality because women can simply take hormonal birth control or obtain an abortion.

Clearly, Planned Parenthood does not put the needs of women first as is evidenced by their record with aiding sex traffickers, selling body parts of aborted babies, and fighting for abortion on demand. Their actions continuously point to their goal of making a profit, not empowering women. 

Instead of looking to Planned Parenthood and the lies that they have fed our society, empowered women and individuals should seek respectable sources. Respectable sources share the TRUTH about bodily functions, the TRUTH about sex, the TRUTH about birth control, and the TRUTH about abortions. Respectable sources use facts and science to drive their mission and education. 

Texas Right to Life offers a Teen LIFE Camp that presents young men and women with information about real options women have when facing unplanned pregnancies, how Planned Parenthood makes a business out of exploiting women, and how even at a young age, you can help save a Life. Teens can hear stories from peers their own age about how abortion has affected their family or how one positive comment made their mom choose Life. At this camp, teens learn the importance of assuring phrases that one day might be used to help their friend choose Life for their preborn child. Providing support and encouragement is instrumental in building a Pro-Life culture.

If you know a high school student in grade 9-12, encourage them to register for Teen LIFE Camp now! They will meet so many amazing students, staff, and camp counselors, who will educate and guide them to support women and save babies!



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