Freshman State Legislators are outspokenly Pro-Life

AUSTIN, TX – January 8, 2013 marked the beginning of the 83rd Texas Legislative Session.  With a large class of freshman legislators, the Texas House of Representatives now includes dozens of fresh faces who are motivated and determined to protect pregnant women, the unborn, the ailing, and the disabled.  Texas Right to Life PAC endorsed and helped most of these newly elected officials and, on Election Day, announced that 23 solid Pro-Life candidates would soon enter the Texas Legislature as Pro-Life freshman legislators.

In the Texas House, 19 Pro-Life freshmen took office on January 8th, bringing the Pro-Life vote count to 98 on abortion.

In the Texas Senate, our Pro-Life vote count is 23 on abortion issues.  Four new state senators came from the State House.  Dr. Donna Campbell, an emergency room physician and adoptive mother, joined the State Senate after winning her race, which was one of the races prioritized by Texas Right to Life PAC in the last election cycle.  

While advocating for life-affirming measures in the Capitol, the new lawmakers shared their views on the importance of protecting Life. 

“Life begins at conception and our most basic, fundamental right is our right to Life.  The topic of abortion is not a dispute of women's health.  We fight to give unborn children their first breath and God given right to live.  We have a moral and ethical obligation to protect these precious gifts.”  – State Representative Scott Turner, House District 33, Frisco

“I believe that every Life is created for a purpose and that, as such, Texas should be known not just as a state that protects Life, but one that actively promotes a culture of Life.”  – State Representative Jeff Leach, House District 67, Plano

Life is the fundamental issue: all other rights and liberties hinge on [Life].  And it is incumbent on elected officials to do their part to protect the sanctity of human life.  I am blessed and honored with the unique opportunity to serve as a state legislator and to be empowered to take strong actions to preserve Life and protect the unborn.  I am very encouraged by the recent victories for Life in the Texas legislature and our Governor on the issue of Life, but there is still work to be done and I am very excited to be a part of this important time in our state.”  – State Representative Matt Krause, House District 93, Fort Worth

“Many Pro-Life activists might be shocked to learn that, in certain cases, family members are being removed from making life-saving decisions about their loved ones and sometimes even without their knowledge.  Unelected boards and hospital administrators should not be able to unilaterally deny someone medical care, and I hope Pro-Life activists take special note of that during this legislative session because it can affect anyone of us.”  – State Representative Stephanie Klick, R.N., House District 91, Fort Worth

“For me, the issue of Life is the one about which I’m most passionate.  Life is where our freedoms begin.  Without Life, you cannot have liberty, freedom, or the pursuit of happiness.  I will fight tirelessly day in, and day out, to protect and defend innocent Life.”  – State Representative Giovanni Capriglione, House District 98, Southlake

Stay tuned to for Capitol Updates on how these freshmen and their Pro-Life colleagues are working alongside Texas Right to Life while we spearhead the passage of new Pro-Life laws.