Frequently Asked Questions about Team LIFE

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of supervision will there be?

There will be at least 1 adult present throughout the entire weekend for every 5 campers including a minimum of two full-time employees of Texas Right to Life. Camp staffers are required to have at least one year of college, and have experience leadine or greatly assisting with the Pro-Life group on their campus.  Texas Right to Life has either worked directly with each counselor, or the individual comes highly recommended from other students with whom we have worked.

What measures are implemented to ensure the safety of the campers?

Background checks are run on every adult (counselors, speakers, and campers who are 18) who stays at the camp overnight.  Additionally, all adults are required to take a child protection training prior to staffing or assisting with camp.

Males may not be alone with females at any time (and vice versa).  Should a camper need to speak with someone on staff about a concern, at least two people (one female and one male) will be present.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers meals and lodging for the camp.  Students do not need to bring money for anything at camp.

Where will I stay?

The camp will be held at Camp Hoblitzelle, a Salvation Army campsite just outside of Midlothian, TX.  All campers, employees and representatives of Texas Right to Life will stay in on-site dorm-style bunkhouses, with separate rooms for males and females.

What does the campsite look like?

It is gorgeous; visit the website!

Will I leave the site at any point during the camp?

No.  All presentations and activities will take place at the campsite. Leaving the site will not be permitted throughout the weekend.

Will there be a prayer service or Mass on Sunday?

Yes.  We invite a priest to say Mass for all who are Catholic.  Everyone who is not Catholic is invited to a prayer service led by some of the camp counselors.

While campers do not have to participate in either, they are required (for safety reasons) to be in the room where the prayer service or Mass is being celebrated.

What can I expect?

Expect to have fun and learn a lot!  Every day is balanced with speakers (2-4 per day), interactive small group discussions, Pro-Life movies, and team-building activities.  You will learn how to start and develop a group at your school from experienced staff and college students, and you’ll leave inspired to get more involved in saving lives!

Will there be graphic images or information shared?

We will have one discussion on how abortions are committed.  We will discuss the different abortion procedures, and refer to diagrams and/or videos.  Any camper who wishes to sit out during this session is permitted to do so.

What do I need to bring?

Come prepared with bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow), towels (for showering and for swimming), and toiletries.

What should I wear?

Check the weather before attending camp! Attire is casual and comfortable.  Shorts and t-shirts are fine.  While we’ll be indoors for talks, and outdoors for games. Please wear modest attire, and not short-shorts for guys ore girls. If planning to swim during free time, boys and girls must each wear swimwear that covers the entire torso, down to mid thigh. (You can easily wear a gym shirt or gym shorts over a regular swimming suit.)  There is a low ropes course; you must wear tennis shoes for this.

Can I bring my cell phone and other electronic devices?

Cell phones may be used during breaks; however, they must be left in the cabins during presentations and activities.  There won’t be time to use other electronic devices.

You may contact Texas Right to Life staff (phone numbers will be emailed prior to the start of Team LIFE) should you need to reach your child during the day.  

If you have questions not answered here, please contact us at