Former State Representative Molly White shares abortion story in new book

Former State Representative Molly White (R-Belton) has just released a book called Deceived: God Brought Purpose From My Pain, describing her testimony and past abortions.  Representative White’s advocacy for the preborn began long before she served as an elected official, and she now shares her personal testimony of how abortion has harmed her.  In her elected capacity, she often used her story to counter the impassioned declarations by pro-abortion politicians that abortions were a public good.  

As outlined in Deceived, Molly’s own story contrasts sharply with the narrative of consequence-free empowerment often proclaimed by pro-abortion advocates.  She experienced years of pain following both of her abortions — her first as a young college graduate, then later as a single mother of a two-year-old son.  Deceived is a brave account of some of the most painful and joyous periods in Molly’s life.  

While the abortion industry and advocacy groups loudly proclaim total freedom in the “choice” of abortion, Molly tells a very different story.  Her abortions happened because she felt she had no other options, because of family pressure, and because of an absolute lack of support from her partners.  She first recounts the circumstances of her abortions, then the years-long pain she endured until she finally was able to seek healing through Jesus Christ, followed by the relief of absolute forgiveness. 

Rather than liberating her, Molly says that her abortions made her feel more isolated and miserable than before.

While this powerful story is one Molly is accustomed to telling, and one she has offered many times in an effort to help others, her story has never been made so easily and widely available to the public.  We are grateful for Molly’s courage and conviction to use her story to help others in danger of falling for the same lies she heard as a young woman and making the same choices she now regrets. 

To read Molly’s story for yourself, you can purchase Deceived here.