Former first daughter Barbara P. Bush steps out for Planned Parenthood

Texans are very familiar with the Bush family.  George P. Bush serves as Texas’ Land Commissioner.  George H.W. Bush is a constant figure around Houston and was the Harris County Republican Party Chairman long before taking his seat as the 41st President of the United States.

Probably most notable though, is George W. Bush.  As the forty-sixth governor of Texas, George W. Bush signed Texas’ first Pro-Life bill, the Parental Notification Act, into law in 1999 and left a Pro-Life legacy during his tenure as the 43rd President.

With the signing of the Parental Notification Act in Texas, then-governor Bush ushered a new Pro-Life era into a previously hostile abortion environment in Texas.  Working closely with Texas Right to Life’s late founder and president, Dr. Joseph Graham, George W. Bush helped to change the climate in Texas to one that values and supports the lives of the preborn.

Now, another Bush has stepped into the spotlight, but not for her Pro-Life positions.  The daughter of the proudly Pro-Life George W. Bush, Barbara Pierce Bush, has been announced as the keynote speaker for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas’ annual luncheon in Fort Worth on Wednesday.

This luncheon will raise funds for the large abortuaries in and around the DFW Metroplex.  Top-level sponsors for abortion affiliate fundraiser will shell out $20,000, while lower-level sponsors will pay $10,000 and $5,000.  Yet, Planned Parenthood insists they need our tax dollars.

Bush, the CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps (GHC), has praised Planned Parenthood in the past and was spotted at a fundraiser in Paris for Hilary Clinton prior to her defeat.

GHC states that they provide opportunities for young people to “work on the frontlines of the fight for global health equity.”  Working in third-world countries, the Corps offers paid fellowships with various “placement” organizations, including Planned Parenthood Global, to push their global initiative.

The partnership between Barbara Pierce Bush and Planned Parenthood is disheartening and disappointing, considering President Bush’s Pro-Life work while in office.

George W. Bush not only helped Texas move into a Pro-Life atmosphere, but he championed Life from the Oval Office.  From the moment he re-instated the Mexico City Policy, to defunding dangerous embryonic stem cell research, to the signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, George W. Bush was a strong defender of Life.

The Partial Birth Abortion Ban was upheld by the United States Supreme Court in Carhart v. Gonzales, outlawing the gruesome act of murdering babies during the birth process.  This same Supreme Court decision is a driving force behind the Dismemberment Abortion Ban which, like the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, prohibits an elective abortion procedure that tears a live baby apart limb from limb in the womb.

Barbara Pierce Bush’s advocacy of the largest abortion organization in the United States is indeed saddening, but Pro-Life Texans continue undaunted to place the sanctity of human Life at the forefront of our cultural and political battles.