´Former Fetuses´ take center-stage on abortion lobby day

Amidst insidious attempts by abortion zealots to diminish the value of preborn children, Pro-Life legislators stood for the lives of the tiniest Texans.  Planned Parenthood employees and supporters gathered today to support HB 708, a bill introduced by Planned Parenthood-endorsed lawmaker Jessica Farrar (D—Houston).  Farrar’s bill strikes all references in state law and state materials to the “unborn child” and substitutes “fetus.” 

In response, Pro-Life legislators posted signs furnished by Texas Right to Life that read, “Former Fetus,” demonstrating the absurdity of the abortion lobby’s semantics game.  Along with other Pro-Life legislators, State Representative Jonathan Stickland proudly displayed his former fetus sign over his official nameplate in the hallway in the capitol. 

By acknowledging that they themselves are former fetuses, Pro-Life legislators raise awareness of the real human Life that is a preborn child.  Because they share in the same humanity as children and adults alike, the preborn can become legislators, leaders, and taxpayers themselves, if simply given the opportunity to grow without the threat of being aborted. 

Texas Right to Life applauds the Pro-Life legislators who are dedicated to upsetting the pro-abortion status quo.  Planned Parenthood, for example, projected that “hundreds” of attendees would be present to rally behind Farrar’s HB 709; only about one hundred abortion advocates showed up.  With public opinion growing steadily more Pro-Life each year, this small number of abortion advocates will diminish with each session—and with each election cycle, Pro-Life lawmakers continue to make Texas a safer state for preborn children and their mothers.