Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Advocates for Life, Urges Voters to Reject Abortion-Till-Birth Mandate

Former Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard released a video on Twitter over the weekend urging voters to reject a proposition that would enshrine abortion-till-birth in Michigan state law.

“I want to urge Michigan residents and voters to protect women, to protect parental rights, and to protect our kids by voting against Proposal 3,” Gabbard stated.

Michigan’s Proposal 3 would give the abortion industry unlimited reign to profit off the death of unborn babies and the pain of pregnant women by removing all restrictions on abortion. The proposed law would overturn Michigan’s pre-Roe statute defending Life and has caused significant controversy in the state and across the U.S.

Though anti-Life Democrats are selling the proposal as a “women’s reproductive rights” law, they are less up-front about its provisions which would mandate the particularly cruel practice of late-term and “partial-birth” abortions, both of which are massively unpopular with Americans, even pro-abortion citizens, according to polling.

“Michigan’s draconian Proposal 3 that’s on the ballot… includes legal loopholes that allow late-term and partial birth abortions, which essentially is really infanticide,” Gabbard explained.

Though many Democrats believe abortion will be their winning ticket in the 2022 midterm elections, polling indicates that their unlimited abortions till birth policies are wildly out of step with the sympathies of American voters.

Most Americans are horrified when the gory details of partial birth abortion are described. A partial birth abortion is a “procedure” in which a well-developed, third trimester baby is partially delivered only to be savagely ripped apart limb from limb by the abortionist.

In fact, the more Americans hear about the cruel reality of abortion, the greater the public’s shock and horror has grown. A recent NPR article, published in apparent attempt to normalize the killing of children through abortion, broadcasted the audio of a woman suffering an abortion in Michigan. Listeners can hear the heartless whirring of the vacuum violating a moaning, obviously suffering, woman as it kills her 11-week old unborn baby.

The public reacted with understandable horror to the abortion recording, many calling it “sick” and “barbaric” on Twitter.

Now, this Election Tuesday, Democrats are hoping voters will rally in support of the killing of babies through abortion.

Reject the abortion industry’s war on Life, vote Pro-Life this Election Day!

Understanding the destruction of abortion, Gabbard urged voters to reject Democrats’ extremist abortion policies, particularly Michigan’s Proposal 3.

“This change to the state constitution will have devastating impacts,” Gabbard stated, “I want to urge Michigan residents and voters to protect women, to protect parental rights, and to protect our kids by voting against Proposal 3.”

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