FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Texas Right to Life to join Pastors’ Capitol Stand, Thursday 10:30 a.m.

Austin, Texas—August 2, 2017:  On Thursday, August 3, Texas Right to Life will join the Pastors’ Capitol Stand for Women’s Privacy.  The event, organized by the US Pastor Council and Vision America Action, brings together pastors from across the state to stand against the obstructionist practices of the Texas House leadership.  While the Texas Senate has moved swiftly in passing almost all the bills on Governor Greg Abbott’s special session call, the House continues to lag.  On Thursday at 10:30 a.m., pastors and their families will gather on the front steps of the Texas Capitol to express their concerns and urge the House to pass conservative reforms before the end of the special session.

The event on Thursday will focus on the legislation regarding Texans’ use of public restrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex.  Texas Pastor Council Action and Vision America Action argue that such a measure, aimed at allowing transgender individuals to use a restroom that corresponds to their “gender identity,” would pose a risk to women and children.  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and many conservative groups have pointed out that such a bill would allow predators to access women’s restrooms.  The Senate passed the reform bill from Governor Abbott’s special session call last week, along with five Pro-Life bills, but the House refuses to move.

Texas Right to Life will speak at the event on Thursday about the obstructionist practices of House leadership that killed Pro-Life bills in the regular session and threaten Pro-Life reforms in the special session.  Texas Right to Life joins the US Pastor Council and Vision America Action in urging Texans to contact their state representatives.  With only two weeks left in the special session, the political games in the Texas House must end.

Texas Right to Life is proud to stand with pastors from across the state and conservative groups in demanding an end to the underhanded tactics of the Texas House that jeopardize legislation the majority of Texans have requested.  Women and children cannot wait for the next session of the Texas Legislature.  The House must pass Pro-Life and conservative reforms during the special session.

More information about Thursday’s event can be found on the websites of the US Pastor Council and Vision America Action.