Following Legislative Failure, Conservative Citizens Unite on “Lone Star Agenda” for 2020

Texas Right to Life has written previously about the failures of the 86th Texas Legislature, with next-to-nothing to show for Pro-Life gains made.  During the session earlier this year, state legislators failed to fight for the priorities on which they campaigned, choosing instead to pass weak policies, or even Democratic priorities, in vain hopes of pacifying the rabid, pro-abortion Left. 

Following such a disappointment, there is a united grassroots effort in Texas.  Voters, activists, experts, and grassroots leaders are responsible for Republican electoral victories in Texas over the past decade.  However, these conservatives are deeply dissatisfied with both the results of the “purple session” and the recent attempts by lawmakers to convince voters of their “Super Bowl” sized victory.  Grassroots leaders and conservative groups, including Texas Right to Life, have united to create the “Lone Star Agenda” an enterprise to keep Texas Red in 2020. These conservatives on the front lines of the movement see this effort as the best way to combat the millions of dollars flowing from outside the state in a massive, coordinated effort to turn Texas Blue.  

Don Dyer, a member of the Lone Star Agenda Coalition and donor to many conservative campaigns, has explained the legislators’ recent blunder.  On the new Facebook page introducing the group, Dyer wrote: 

The problem is, by moving left to pacify Democrats, the Big Three alienated their own base. Their grassroots supporters and Republicans across Texas are disheartened. And that’s not good leading up to what might be one of the most important elections in history.

…Democrats plan to inspire, excite and ignite Democratic voters. What’s our plan? It’s evident Republican leaders don’t have one that inspires confidence in their grassroots supporters.

The group aims to unite voters around conservative policy goals that failed to pass during the recent session.  Dyer explains that this is the best way to protect the state from a liberal takeover: 

Enter the Lone Star Agenda, a common sense plan to unite Texas Republicans and keep Texas Red. The Lone Star Agenda gives the Big Three a legislative package that will inspire, excite and ignite the base. A movement is building—over 150 grassroots leaders and nearly every conservative organization in Texas—want to unite with the Big Three to Save Texas in 2020. 

The bold legislative agenda (found in full here) includes the critical goal: “Increase protections for unborn Texans.”  This is a top priority for Texas Right to Life, yet one we cannot confidently assert the majority of Texas’s legislators share.  After the disheartening legislative session on Life, Texas Right to Life urges elected officials to recover their voters’ confidence by endorsing the Lone Star Agenda.

Texas Right to Life is proud to partner with these leaders and patriots.  We invite you to join the movement for Life and for Texas.

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