Fighting the culture war for Life one bowtie at a time

As we observe the 43rd annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., this month, we can take a moment to evaluate what the Pro-Life movement of 2016 looks like.  Who are today’s Pro-Lifers?  What is their approach?                

Pro-Lifers today come from every walk of life; they are men, women, and children; they are Republicans and Democrats; they are Christian, Mormon, atheist; they are college graduates, professors, and high school drop outs.  In short, more people than ever have embraced the culture of Life – and these advocates are led now more than ever by young people.  Young people are heading organizations and movements to protect Life and overturn Roe v. Wade – and they are influencing pop culture with a message of hope for the future.    

In a culture that proclaims diversity, young people are embracing the Pro-Life identity with abandon.  And while they are unabashed about being Pro-Life, they are also unobtrusive about their beliefs.  This new Pro-Life movement is more colorful and fun than ever.  Just recently Save the Storks released Stork Bow Ties and they are selling to millennials as fast as Tickle Me Elmo dolls are to two-year-olds.  We’re excited to see the movement become modern and full of personality.  These new trends signify the relevance of the Pro-Life movement.  

With a welcoming, nonjudgmental approach and genuine enthusiasm for their mission, groups like Save the Storks are bringing a message of hope to people wherever they are.  Literally.  Save the Storks sends custom-designed mobile ultrasound units to pregnancy resource centers across the country, and those PRCs bring the buses straight to the women and children who need them most, outside of abortion mills.  The mobile Mercedes ultrasound units are equipped with compassionate volunteers and state-of-the-art technology.  They provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and referrals for a full spectrum of pregnancy options and care.  To learn more about the work of Save the Storks, and how to help Texas get a Stork Bus, visit

With this year’s March for Life theme, “Pro-Woman and Pro-Life Go Hand-in-Hand,” we are thrilled to see the many ways in which groups have translated their conviction into tangible action.  One of the best ways to interact with organizations like Save the Storks is seek them out at the March for Life.  See you there.