Fight the progressive assault on Life! Elect Ted Seago to the Texas House!

Friend —

My team and I have been looking at the election map of Texas and there is something ominous taking place. Right now, progressives are targeting Pro-Life legislators for defeat, one district at a time.

What you've no doubt heard about Texas is true: Texas is a battleground state.

Millions of out-of-state dollars are flooding into solid Pro-Life districts in an effort to elect anti-Life candidates.

As I look at the map, one of the most important races that Pro-Lifers must win is located in Montgomery County. If we're going to keep Texas Pro-Life and pass real life-saving legislation, this House District MUST elect a Pro-Life leader!

If you agree, then you know that Pro-Lifers across Texas should make sure that Ted Seago — a pastor and adoptive father who has our proud endorsement — has the resources to win his campaign.

When he wins, the people of Texas will have a Pro-Life legislator who will fight for the unborn, the sick and the elderly.

So right now, chip in with an immediate contribution $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or even $1,000.

If you have never given to a candidate, unite with Pro-Lifers across Texas during this election season and make this your first-ever contribution!

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment.

One of Ted Seago's opponents is raising money from lobbyists and reported taking out a large loan to finance his campaign!

The dangers of being drastically outspent are real! As you know, money makes the difference between winning and losing an election.

But with supporters like you, the Texas Pro-Life community, who can pitch-in to take ownership of our fight, Ted Seago WILL have the resources to intensify his grass-roots campaign that can compete with the moderates and the progressives!

We must protect the lives of the innocent, the elderly and the sick — who are all targets by the progressive assault that is underway across the state.

There's no time to put-off your contribution because the clock is ticking towards election day.

We need Ted Seago to protect Life in Texas, so please click and follow this link to pitch-in, right now!

Yours for Life,