Fight the Culture of Death!

Friend —

Seriously?! Pro-abortion zealots protested Governor Perry when he promised to support a bill that would protect babies from barbaric and excruciating late abortions.

So many concerned Pro-Lifers have called and emailed me since Election Day, asking what's next for the Pro-Life movement.

No gentle way to let you and them down: we lost and our battle to protect Life just intensified.

Half of our nation is voting for economic benefits over the dignity of human life. But the signs warned us: the culture of death has been encroaching through the years in the media and in our schools.

But we must forge ahead to protect Life!

Will you support Texas Right to Life with an immediate contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 to send us to Austin and protect Life this January?

During the 83rd Legislative Session, which lasts only a few months, we're going to push for very simple, yet powerful, life-saving legislation.

The majority of Texans are Pro-Life and want to see new protections on Life enacted. But this is easier said than done. By now, I know to never underestimate the money-fueled abortion and medical lobbyists who want no restrictions and no rules!

Your immediate donation will help us to push for the following measures, starting right now:

— protect babies who can feel pain from torturous abortions starting at twenty weeks,

— require physicians to receive permission from a patient before writing a “Do Not Resuscitate” order!

— stop pro-aborts from sneaking pregnant teens through the courts for a secret abortion!  

But I need your support to make these bills a reality.

Please help your Pro-Life HQ, Texas Right to Life, to jumpstart the 83rd session. Your investment in Texas Right to Life is an investment in the future of Texas. Help us financially to immediately lobby legislators to protect the dignity of Life.

Friend, Texas Right to Life must raise $12,550 by the end of tomorrow, Friday, to begin our fight in Austin where we successfully spearhead the Pro-Life agenda for the state. Join me in expanding the culture of Life by donating right now!

But we're up against forces that are supported with millions of dollars, even taxpayer money, to see babies and the infirm die in the name of a false freedom.

Lives are at stake.

Will you commit to protecting Life right now by following this link and giving $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 so we can fight back the culture of death?

So far, supporters like you have contributed $5,096 towards our goal but we have $7,454 more to go!  Texas Right to Life can protect lives through laws — we have a winning record — and that's why I need your help right now. Will you support us, once again?

As the Christmas season approaches, please don't let this moment pass. Support Texas Right to Life's urgent life-saving work in Austin. We don't have long, please donate right now.

For Life,