Fight the Anti-Life Deception Campaign!

Friend —
A political ad appeared on television in which a candidate holds a sonogram wand to the camera.  This pro-abortion candidate is blasting her opponent for voting for the Sonogram Law, claiming that he subjected women to rape by instrument!
The wand is visually alarming: it's a foot long and resembles a gun.  Her theatrics strike fear.
But she lied.
What she withheld is that the sonogram law requirement only applies before an abortion.
Even before the sonogram law passed, a sonogram was done before each abortion — with the very instrument that politician was holding! We know this because abortion doctors publicly stated so in hearings when they opposed the bill.
Our Texas Sonogram Law does not stipulate what type of sonogram is done before an abortion, but you wouldn’t know that if you listened to the lies of the liberal media.
We’ve seen this lie before.
During the legislative session, an abortion extremist representative, Carol Alvarado, stood before the Texas House and disgraced women while waving a similar sonogram wand and blathering in opposition to the law.
My team and I were in Austin when this happened, and legislators were not duped by this deceit. Legislators know that abortion is far more violent and devastating than looking through the window to the womb.  
But through a concentrated deception campaign in partnership with the liberal media, voters are hearing about a “conservative war on women.”
Make no mistake: polls show many voters believe the lies!
We cannot pass Pro-Life legislation if we don't have the hearts and minds of the voters on our side.
This is the exact reason Planned Parenthood and other abortion Super PACs have targeted Texas — aided by taxpayer money — to drive a wedge between voters and Pro-Life values by falsely accusing us of hurting women.
Friend, help me stop the pro-abortion deception before the damage is too severe to fix by election day.
This is an expensive undertaking. We don't have free access to the liberal media who partner with the abortion industry, nor the multi-million taxpayer-funded budgets that Planned Parenthood uses to spread their lies.
That's why I rely on you.
I’ve set a goal of $36,453 that I need to raise by November 6 to effectively defend Life in Texas. Will you pitch in?
You and Pro-Lifers like you helped me turn the tide in many races during the primary. Will you please protect Life, once again, by donating $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $2,500 right now?
We have less than 25 days to call out the lies!
But we can fight and win — we've done it before — because lives depend on us.
If the extremists are able to persuade voters with lies, all of our work in the legislature is at risk. We must fight back! We need Texas voters to know Pro-Lifers care about women.
I need you by my side, right now. Let’s march! Please click and follow this link to donate right now.