Fight back the well-funded abortion propaganda machine and protect women and Life!

Friend —

Wendy Davis, the abortion extremist who is trying to become the next governor of Texas, just told a group of liberal donors in New York that our state is toxic!

The Abortion Queen said the laws that Texas Right to Life works to pass are toxic because they spread throughout the country and are adopted by other states.

The laws she says are toxic include the sonogram law that makes sure Planned Parenthood can no longer hide the image of the unborn baby from her mother.

Another law that she despises is the one we passed this year that forces abortion centers to clean up their filthy and dangerous businesses that put women in harm's way.

But the nation's progressive leadership, from the White House down, has Texas in their crosshairs because we stand against their dangerous agenda on women and Life.

They are throwing tens of millions of dollars into elections throughout our state to take-out Pro-Lifers who are blocking their agenda of death.

If the agents of death win, the entire Pro-Life movement in our country will suffer a massive set-back for generations.

 — Imagine if we can no longer protect innocent human lives through our laws and inspire other states to follow us.

— Imagine Wendy Davis as governor expanding late-term abortion and taxpayer-funded abortions in Texas!

— Imagine Wendy Davis as governor picking our state judges and filling our agencies and bureaucracies with her friends who want abortion for any reason, at any time, paid for by you and me, our tax dollars.

Friend, we are facing a real and clear threat. That's why I am asking you to send a clear message to the progressives that abortion and abortion extremists are toxic to Texas!

For the final push of the year, please make your year-end contribution to your Pro-Life headquarters, Texas Right to Life, of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 right now.

We must raise $34,248 to begin a massive push into 2014 that will make it clear who Wendy Davis and her cohorts really are.

Remember, Wendy is now claiming to be Pro-Life. We must not let the Abortion Queen use the friendly media to clean up her toxic image. We bested her once, and we must do it again.

We have no time to lose as the days slip by. Don't let the progressives, who have already set up camp and are hiring community organizers as you read this, take Texas.

Fight for Life, once again, by clicking and following this link to contribute $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 right now.

Yours for Life,