Expose the Pro-Life imposters!

Friend —
I'm receiving reports from across Texas that some die-hard RINO's are furious about Texas Right to Life's work against pro-abortion and pro-death candidates.
These opponents see our allies rallying for Life, and the sad souls smell slaughter by Texas Right to Life PAC. They see us working to re-elect Pro-Life incumbents and elect new Pro-Life champs.
These RINO's are scared, and that's exactly what I want.
But they're about to strike back!
Over the past two weeks, because of people like you, we've been able to come to the defense of Pro-Life candidates who are under heavy assault from the well-funded pro-death medical lobby and Planned Parenthood.
The death-mongers are employing all the usual antics to stop Pro-Lifers from going to Austin, and the voters need to know the truth.
The opposition knows that Pro-Lifers are an obstacle to their taxpayer-funded buffet of abortion centers and pro-death healthcare laws.

Without Pro-Lifers in office, the coffers to abortion will again flow, and the death panels will be fully operational.
We must send Pro-Life legislators back to Austin to stop the pro-death schemes!
That's why I'm launching the second round of our emergency campaign right now. Will you help me, once again?
With only 19 more days left until the primary, we're running against millions of dollars of medical and abortion money, but my strategy will work if you stand alongside me.
Friend, we can't stop now.
Urgently send $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 or more to the front lines by clicking and following this link so that we can reach the voters who are being told lies about the voting records of Pro-Life candidates — candidates who believe that Life is sacred.
We've even discovered that some voters are being told that pro-abortion candidates are really Pro-Life! You've heard them: “I'm personally opposed, but…”

Your immediate donation will help me to expose these imposters!
So far, you and supporters like you have donated $76,345 towards our $103,800 goal!  That financed the first part of our campaign. Now I need your financial support to begin the next phase as they fight us harder than ever.
We don't have time to wait. In only 19 days, the abortion advocates and death panel folks could take back Texas. Please help me reach the goal and stop the death-mongers in their tracks and protect Life right now.