Expose the abortion extremists with 1,000 Pro-Life radio ads

Friend —

A report just came in that in only one week abortion zealots knocked on 55,000 doors throughout Texas to elect politicians who will block and then reverse all Pro-Life legislation in Texas.

According to the report, that is more than the Republican Party did in ALL of March!

The battle for Texas has begun.

Texas has become the nation's flashpoint for protecting Life through legislation.

It's no wonder out-of-state millionaire progressives and Obama's far-left political machine have set-up shop in Texas to stop us.

The progressives who are arriving in Texas by the bus load have a singular mission: unrestricted abortion – for any reason, including late-term abortions, paid for by you and me.

They even filibustered for 11 hours straight last year in the State Senate to keep late-term abortions legal, even though unborn babies feel excruciating pain when torn limb from limb!

These progressives were unsuccessful because Texans reject abortion extremists.

Even voters who traditionally vote for Democrats find their insane agenda repugnant!

So, here's our plan:

The key to this year's election strategy is to expose the radical abortion agenda to those who traditionally vote for Democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who do not know the pro-death agenda being pushed by these operatives.

Will you pitch-in $100 or more to expose abortion extremists across the state?

Paid Democrats and RINOs are going door-to-door, selling what they say is a “positive” message.

But we discovered this “positive” message surprisingly does NOT mention their hidden plan to reverse all Pro-Life legislation — including their plan to allow the killing of babies who are born alive from botched abortions!

In fact, there's NO mention of their anti-Life agenda!

But we're going to change that.

With the financial support from people like you, we will run Pro-Life radio ads throughout Texas in English and in Spanish to target Democratic and RINO strongholds.

Our message works!

Here's the proof:

We ran ads in south Texas, a Democratic stronghold where everyone told us we wouldn't win.

But after Democrats heard our ads, the Democratic candidate for governor lost in 24 of the 26 counties!

We honestly didn't expect this type of success, so soon.

Friend, these ads work!

But as you know, media spots are expensive.

Will you make sure we have the resources to run 1,000 more ads throughout Texas ASAP?

Expose Obama’s paid abortion extremists by clicking and following this link to contribute $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $3,000 right now.

We have a goal of $36,282 to raise by April 30 so we can target abortion extremists.

The deception that abortion supporters spread door-to-door is powerful. If left unanswered, their message will work.

Do NOT underestimate the unethical lengths that abortion zealots will go to take over Texas.

They have only begun their siege of Texas.

We must fight back, and we have no time to lose.

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Yours for Life,