Expose so-called Pro-Lifers who protect Planned Parenthood!

Friend —

In a new shocking undercover video, abortionists in Texas admitted that they pull babies feet first out of their wombs — while alive — before they crush their heads and sever their spines. This is the reality of a partial-birth abortion.

This gives me chills. And I know it does to you, too. Not only is this type of abortion illegal, but it is plain and simply murder!

They also admitted they do this barbaric procedure so they can harvest intact organs and sell them — that includes the heart, liver, eyes and even the brain. One abortionist said on the video that she does not yet have the skills to be able to remove a baby without crushing his or her skull, but said, “it is something to strive for.”

It gets worse:

There are several legislators who blocked our efforts to prevent this from happening at Planned Parenthood.

You'd think we are blocked by activist Democrats, but you'd be wrong. The elected officials who stop us are Republicans in MAJOR positions of power on important committees who protect Planned Parenthood but lie to their voters that they are Pro-Life.

Friend, I've had enough of two-faced Republicans who protect Planned Parenthood instead of these innocent babies and still call themselves Pro-Life. After we watched this video, we knew we had to do something. And that's why I'm contacting you.

In three days, we will hold a major event near Dallas to expose fake Pro-Lifers who give taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood and stop real Pro-Life legislation that would halt these barbaric acts!

Will you step up and financially support our mission to expose fake Pro-Lifers in Texas with a donation of $100 or more?

This is our most ambitious campaign because we must raise $35,463 in only one month to make this work. But we have won before and we can win again with your immediate financial support.

When voters see these videos and realize their representative is a fake Pro-Lifer who protects abortionists, we will win and stop Planned Parenthood! But we must get the word out.

As I type this email, two of our staff members are in the middle of interviews on radio stations to tell voters the truth about their elected officials. More staff plan major campaigns on the airwaves, through social media, and through face-to-face contact. But we can only expose entrenched politicians with your financial support.

I ask you to expose these fake Pro-Lifers, commit to protect these babies, and support Texas Right to Life with an urgent contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 or more.

We have no time to waste as these abortionists inflict excruciating pain on these tiny babies under the protection of fake Pro-Life Republicans.

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Yours for their Lives,