Expose Pro-Life imposters like Vicki Truitt

Friend —

A lot of questions are coming to Texas Right to Life about whether a certain state legislator, Vicki Truitt, is Pro-Life.
Well, she says she’s Pro-Life, but…
Truitt, a Republican, made it her mission in 2011 to defeat reform to the Texas Futile Care Law.

That law is what established death panels and our efforts would have shed light into the secretive and unregulated death panels that take the lives of the ailing and disabled in their hospital beds.
Hospitals feared our law so they turned to Truitt to attack it.
You see, Truitt makes her living by recruiting and placing doctors in hospitals, and her business has won contracts from one of the major hospitals in Texas.
Friend, Truitt beat our reform efforts, and the death panels continue because Vicki Truitt defends them.  Any wonder why hospitals have contributed to her campaign over the years?
Simply put, Vicki Truitt supports hospitals and doctors over patients and over Life.
If you or a family member were sick, would you want Vicki Truitt advising hospitals about what's good for your family?
I didn't think so, and that's why we must defeat her!
Those who are sick cannot afford for Truitt to return to Austin and allow hospitals to do as they please. Will you help us stand-up against her lies to Texas voters?
We have to act quickly.
Early voting has begun, and Pro-Life voters are already streaming into the voting booths believing that she's Pro-Life!
One donor has already provided $25,000 to help Texas Right to Life PAC endorsed candidates win! Will you help us match this amount with an urgent contribution of $60, $125, $275, $550, $1,500 or even $2,750 right now?
The real Pro-Life candidate running against Truitt endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC is Giovanni Capriglione.  Giovanni shares Texas Right to Life’s belief that innocent human life must be protected from fertilization until natural death, including protecting the rights of the ailing and disabled to direct their own health care. A real Pro-Life candidate who needs your help and our help to go to Austin to defeat the death panel law.
But Truitt has the well-funded medical lobby locked-up and fighting against us to keep her in Austin.

That's why your immediate contribution is so important right now because your gift to Texas Right to Life PAC to defeat Vicki will be doubled!

With your continued support, we can fight back against the pro-death propaganda from Vicki Truitt, but we must move right now because early voting has already started, and election day is only 11 days from today.
We've already sent over 170,000 Pro-Life mailers and made phone calls to voters. But winning elections is expensive for Pro-Lifers facing million-dollar funded lobbyists like hospitals and Planned Parenthood. With your doubled gift, imagine what we can do to halt Truitt's death panels.  Please send your urgent, emergency contribution by clicking and following this link right now.