Expand Texas Right to Life´s ad campaign and expose Planned Parenthood!

Friend —

Last night, Texas Right to Life participated in a Pro-Life townhall in Beaumont, Texas.

When it was over, voters went to their cars to go home, but when they walked out of the townhall, everyone noticed that someone attached a letter to every car in the parking lot.

The letter said that we need to “wake up” because unwanted babies “cost us billions of dollars every year!”

I reject this attack on Life and liberty and I know you do too.

But we are facing abortion extremists who are more radicalized than ever before.

Thankfully, Americans and Texans still reject abortion and view it as a heinous operation that harms women and kills innocent human Life.

And we must keep up the fight so it stays that way.

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood — the largest abortion committer in the United States — rakes in taxpayer money and has access to our children in schools because they do not talk about abortion. Instead, they hide it and talk about women's health instead.

And it works.

57 percent of Americans believe that Planned Parenthood does NOT commit abortion!

Plain and simple, abortion is Planned Parenthood's largest stream of cash, making them a billion-dollar business with the blood of women in a crisis and innocent human babies on their hands. That is their business model!

I recently asked supporters like you to support Texas Right to Life's campaign to expose Planned Parenthood by financially backing advertisements that we create and distribute.

We had tremendous success and we met our initial goal!

One supporter even gave $5,000 so we could complete an ad and push it into the public.

We are now working on the ad but we don't want to stop with one ad. We've learned that we must be as active as abortion activists who place abortion flyers on Pro-Lifers' cars!

That's why we will run a much larger campaign to expose Planned Parenthood's lies. Are you with us, once again?

Will you support an expanded Pro-Life campaign so all Americans know that Planned Parenthood is truly an abortion center and not a women's health center?

Let me be frank, when 57 percent of Americans don't even know that Planned Parenthood commits abortion, they are winning!

Will you stand with Texas Right to Life and sponsor an expanded advertising campaign with an urgent contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more?

It will cost $32,750 to accomplish the next phase in this ambitious campaign.

We must raise this amount by September 26 to complete a series of ads and distribute them throughout Texas — and even the entire country.

Don't let Planned Parenthood continue to trick Americans and victimize women.

Imagine the lives we can save when Planned Parenthood can no longer stand behind lies about helping women.

If we don't expose Planned Parenthood, who will?

Stand with Texas Right to Life and put the truth about Planned Parenthood in front of America by sponsoring our videos with a donation of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more, right now >>


Below is the letter that was attached to every car outside of a Pro-Life townhall in Beaumont, Texas:

Yours for Life,