Ex-Texas GOP Official Posts Pro-Abortion Rant on X

Some members of Texas’ Republican Party showed their eagerness to cut protections for preborn children.

Former Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Cat Parks recently took an anti-Life stand in a lengthy post on X, proclaiming her support for exceptions to Texas Pro-Life laws and calling the Texas Heartbeat Act unreasonable.

Parks describes the fight over legalized abortion a “struggle for extreme partisan wins” in which “both sides [forget]the everyday Texan.”

While there are certainly some political issues that fall under this characterization, protecting all innocent human Life is not one of them.

Being Pro-Life is a principled stance, not a partisan one, and it is by no means exclusive to Republicans. 

Currently, Texas law protects all preborn children from abortion beginning at the moment of fertilization.

Parks’ squishy position on protecting preborn Life does not command respect from either side.

The pro-abortion camp will happily go along with Parks, but they won’t ever stop there or agree to a compromise. When it comes to protecting preborn children, attempts at congeniality merely signals that Parks values the approval of others over the lives of thousands of preborn Texans.

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In supporting exceptions, Parks and other weak Republicans have decided that not every child is worthy of the protection of law. 

Our goal is not to advance the interests of one side of the political fight. Rather, it is about Life, human dignity, and protecting the vulnerable. When Life is on the line, we cannot afford to “check ourselves” so as not to appear too demanding of those who wickedly seek to end the lives of preborn children.

10,000 “everyday Texans” are alive today because of the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Texas Pro-Life laws were passed by a majority of legislators elected by everyday Texans and signed by a governor elected by those same Texans.

We need leaders in Texas who are committed to fully protecting preborn children from abortion.

In the end, Pro-Lifers do not forget everyday Texans on this issue — it is Parks and anti-Life militants who are forgetting preborn children and their mothers. 

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