End preborn discrimination

Contact your state legislators to support the Disabled Preborn Justice Act!

Did you know that Texas allows abortionists to discriminate against babies with disabilities?  Texas law protects the preborn after 20 weeks’ gestation because babies undeniably feel the excruciating pain of abortion at that stage of development.  All babies unquestionably feel pain, yet the law does not protect those who might have a disability.

If a baby might have a condition that parents decide makes her “less than perfect,” that baby can be killed by abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.  Current law also opens the possibility of aborting babies for other discriminatory reasons before five months in pregnancy, for example if the baby is not the preferred gender or race.  The Disabled Preborn Justice Act outlaws all discriminatory abortions.

The preborn depend on us to end the deadly discrimination.  

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