End Dismemberment Abortion!

Even the liberal Supreme Court cannot deny that abortion brutally dismembers and kills a human child.


We exposed abortion facilities’ horrible conditions to the Supreme Court of the U.S. and they turned a blind eye.  Now, we must expose a reality that is even more egregious.  Dismemberment abortion.

Dismemberment Abortion Quote - Justice Anthony Kennedy (long 3)

Dismemberment abortion is a frequent and brutal method of killing preborn children by tearing them limb from limb;  These abortions are performed on developing preborn children who have beating hearts, detectable brain waves, legs, arms, eyelids, toes, fingerprints, and every organ system in place;

This procedure involves using forceps or similar instruments to grasp parts of a living, developing unborn child (many of whom can feel pain), and using these tools to twist and tear away pieces from the child until her entire body is removed from the womb;

Therefore, we the undersigned support legislation that would protect preborn children from barbaric dismemberment abortions.


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