Empowering Pregnant & Parenting Students

Those of us who work to protect the sanctity of innocent human life are often criticized for not caring what happens to the baby or mom after the birth we encouraged.  The free counseling, material assistance, and other outreach before AND AFTER birth are willfully ignored by our detractors, but Texas college students will not be overlooked. Spearheaded by student pro-life organizations, scholarships for pregnant and parenting students have bloomed on various Texas universities.  Empathetic, passionate students organize fundraisers, solicit donations, and comb through applications to help young moms and pregnant moms continue pursuing their dream of a degree. 
By providing a monetary gift to single parents, we’ve been asked: “Aren’t you rewarding or encouraging premarital sex?”   Due to premarital pregnancy being portrayed on MTV shows such as “16 and Pregnant,” such a concern is reasonable.  However, consider that pro-life students work diligently to award $500-$1000 scholarships twice annually to students in need.  The scholarships are the perfect amount to let struggling parents know that their peers care about them, their children and their future; not nearly enough to make a dent in rent, tuition, books, and diapers, but enough to ease some heartache and pressure. 
Sarah*, a sophomore learning to mother her 5 month old daughter, had been questioning if her education is worth the time, stress, and effort right when one of her professors announced applications for a scholarship for student-parents, sponsored by the Pro-Life Aggies club*.  This was Sarah’s sign, and she applied and won the scholarship.  Through this program, Sarah learned that some of her peers recognized her struggles and wanted to assist.  The feeling of loneliness that can so easily consume a college student who chooses to parent while continuing studies is significantly decreased by the genuine kindness exhibited by the pro-life students.  
Want to help young pregnant and parenting moms?  The following Pro-Life groups could use your help: 

Mail: Pro-Life Aggies Pro-Life Aggies – Laura Campos, Pres.
         Attn: Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship
         Student Organization Finance Center
         Texas A&M University
         125 Koldus Ste. 235  Slot #741
          College Station, TX 77843-1236
Email: prolifeaggies@gmail.com 
SFA Lumberjacks for Life – Natalie MattilaPres.
Mail: Lumberjacks for Life
          c/o Natalie Mattila
          1511 Hillview Dr.
           Nacogdoches, TX 75964
Email: Lumberjacksforlife@yahoo.com