Emergency Pro-Life Primary Campaign

Friend —

A few days ago, I sent you tragic news about “Willie” who died because a hospital death panel withdrew his care — all in accordance with Texas law.
I know you were saddened, like me, and I promise to work so Texas erases this unjust law from our books.
But I have been dealt a major setback.
For the past two weeks, I've been talking with the three top-ranked Pro-Life legislators and discovered they're facing a coordinated attack to keep them from being re-elected because they're Pro-Life.
That’s right — Sid Miller, Bryan Hughes, Wayne Christian, and more Pro-Life leaders — are under attack by primary challengers.

  • Sid is the author of the historic Sonogram Law, which is already changing hearts and saving lives, and he carried the largest Pro-Life amendment to the state’s budget, redirecting $14 million away from the abortion industry.
  • Representative Bryan Hughes is the Pro-Life Whip in the State House, and he, too, drew a primary opponent. Hughes has never missed an opportunity to advance the Pro-Life cause, always strategizing on amendments and overseeing the Pro-Life efforts on the floor of the State House. He has led the charge to protect the rights of patients to direct their own health care since 2005, and the doctors' organizations don’t like that.
  • Wayne Christian is facing opposition from within the House; sadly, some in leadership are breaking precedent by working against an incumbent-colleague.  Apparently, Wayne is too conservative, too Pro-Life, too pro-religious freedom, too-feather-ruffling for the squishes. Wayne carried a Pro-Life amendment to the state’s budget, and he also passed a provision that stopped hospital districts from using local tax dollars to fund abortion.

Friend, these races are not about Republicans versus Democrats. We're facing a larger enemy working to make sure that Pro-Lifers in both parties are stopped from making Pro-Life policies for Texans.
Now, instead of working with legislators from both sides of the aisle to stop a most heinous law that kills patients in their beds, I must devote my attention to making sure our top Pro-Life legislators are re-elected and that Texas remains Pro-Life.
Without them, our legislation on every Life issue would die in a cesspool of bureaucracy and inaction.
That's the way the medical lobby and abortionists want it.
Without Texas Right to Life’s Pro-Life leadership team, we will never reverse the law that killed Willie.
We will never defend the sonogram law in our nation.
We will never remove the rest of our tax dollars from the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion chain, which today just sued to again receive our Texas tax dollars that we took away from them with the help of our Pro-Life leaders in the Texas Legislature.
Will you help me stop the medical lobby and make sure that Bryan, Sid and Wayne are re-elected?  If your answer is “yes,” please contribute as generously as you can $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 right now.
Send a strong message to extremists by donating immediately to our emergency Pro-Life primary campaign so that we can win reelections and save lives.
Friend, the Texas Medical Association has millions of dollars pouring into coordinated campaigns to defeat Pro-Life legislators.
Pro-Life legislators are their number one enemy and they want to stop Texas Right to Life from passing more Pro-Life laws.  The medical lobby knows Pro-Life legislators are a roadblock to their legislation.

By buying off legislators who've cozied up to the medical lobby, the Texas Medical Association could run over Pro-Life policies without Sid, Bryan, and Wayne to stop them!
The medical lobby knows that our Pro-Life legislators can't be bought and that's why the money is flowing to defeat them.
We've already seen the dangerous consequences of the plans of the medicos.
We can stop the Texas Medical Association and their extremist pals who are pushing patients off a cliff — if you help during this critical primary campaign.  We're fighting well-funded medical lobbyists.  Therefore, we must raise $103,800 before May 29, the Texas primary, to protect our Pro-Life leadership team!

Don't give the medical lobby a free pass to kill patients. The Texas primary has been shortened, and the medical lobby is taking advantage of the rush of elections. But we're about to expose them with your help.
Time is of the essence. We only have just a few weeks to achieve victory. Contribute $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 by immediately clicking this link.
Thank you for your prayers and your continued support.  Join me in this emergency campaign to protect our Pro-Life leaders.
The fight is on.

Your for Life,