Elect a true Pro-Life Senator: David Dewhurst

Today marked the end of primary voting, but the fight isn’t over to elect a truly Pro-Life Senator.

David Dewhurst will need your support during a special runoff election on July 31st.

In the crowded race to replace retiring Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, David is the only candidate with a Pro-Life legislative record. In fact, David has one of the longest and most impressive Pro-Life records among any elected official in Texas.

David has carried the water for the Pro-Life cause since he was first elected. Even as Land Commissioner, he let us know that he was willing and eager to promote the Pro-Life cause in any way he could.

Dewhurst has achieved an impressive Pro-Life track record, and we are confident that he possesses the much-needed values and leadership for a United States Senator.
David earned Texas Right to Life PAC’s endorsement by meeting our stringent requirements on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, defunding the abortion industry, stem cell research, hospital Death Panels, and the rights of patients to direct their own healthcare.

We are confident that, when elected, David will continue to protect innocent human life from fertilization to natural death.