Duck Dynasty stars adopt sixth child, say there is "no difference" between their natural and adopted children

At the beginning of January, Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame announced that she and husband Willie have adopted a third child, bringing their total number of natural and adopted children combined to six.  The couple have been outspoken adoption advocates for years, calling adoption the “best decision we ever made.”  The couple’s most recent addition is a 13-year-old boy, pictured with his siblings in Sunday’s Instagram post.

Korie added: “He’s amazing, and we are all so thrilled to have another kid around the house. Couldn’t keep the good news to ourselves any longer!  We appreciate your prayers and support for our family!  Love, The Robertsons.”

Organizations like the Dave Thomas Foundation work to ensure that older children are adopted before they age out of the foster system at age 18, ensuring that they have families to call their own throughout life.  Korie and Willie have adopted older children, and Korie told People Magazine that she believes all children should have a forever home.  “There shouldn’t be kids without homes,” she said.  “It just shouldn’t happen.”