Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship Program

Friend —

When my dad and eleven other brave Texans signed the original Articles of Incorporation for Texas Right to Life in 1973, they started an organization for people like you and me to unite and protect the lives of millions of unborn babies and the sick and elderly whose lives are in jeopardy because of a growing culture of death.

My dad's avocation led him into academia where as a college professor he taught, for fifty years, generations of students about the sanctity of human life.

In the spirit of my dad's work, Texas Right to Life started a training program for college students to empower them to become tomorrow's warriors and leaders of the Pro-Life movement.

Today, that program bears my father's name, the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship Program: 64 students on 21 different campuses all over Texas building the Culture of Life. And the number grows every semester.

I invite you to join with us and make it possible to train the next generation of Pro-Life leaders with a memorial gift in Dr. Joseph Graham's name.

Your memorial gift to the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship Program will promote the Culture of Life on Texas campuses.

Right now, our schools are an ideological battlefield, tilted to the extreme left. That's why we must be present to form the hearts and minds of our next leaders — much like my dad accomplished in 50 years of teaching.

Make your memorial gift to the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship Program, right now, and secure the future of the Texas Pro-Life movement.

Yours for Life,