Dr Joseph Graham Fellows join Pro-Life teachers at hostile national educators conference

Last week, America’s largest teachers’ union passed a resolution supporting unrestricted abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.  


Sadly, this move by the National Education Association (NEA) is no surprise considering how liberal and extreme this pro-abortion organization has become.  Parents, teachers, and concerned citizens should be shocked and appalled that a group of educators would spread an anti-Life culture to our children.


Luckily, YOU dispatched Pro-Life advocates to infuse TRUTH into the pro-abortion insanity.  Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows Sam and Sarah spread the Pro-Life message alongside Teachers Saving Children and Educators for Life. 


NEA forbade Pro-Life advocates from using the word “abortion” in their discussions.  Some attendees attempted to trick the Pro-Lifers into violating this ridiculous rule and force out Teachers Saving Children and Educators for Life.  


Despite the biased restrictions, the brave Right to Life warriors garnered support and provided Life-affirming resources for other Pro-Life teachers who want to teach respect for Life in the classroom.  Although they experienced hostility from anti-Lifers and the administration, Teachers Saving Children, Educators for Life, and your Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows performed marvelously and advanced the Pro-Life movement in a malicious environment.