Dr. Greg Bonnen is Pro-Life!

The Texas Right to Life PAC met with both candidates running for House District 24 and reviewed and discussed at length all issues regarding Life. Only Dr. Greg Bonnen met Texas Right to Life’s rigorous criteria and earned the endorsement of the Texas Right to Life PAC.

The difference is that Dr. Bonnen knows we cannot put a price-tag on a human life. As a physician, Dr. Bonnen delivers compassion and respects the wishes of his patients, regardless of their financial circumstances. Dr. Bonnen does not use cost or the dangerous “quality of life” judgment when deciding how to best care for his patients.

Greg understands that all human life must be protected from fertilization until natural death. As a well-respected physician, Greg will protect the ailing and disabled from the death panels in Texas hospitals. Your vote for Dr. Greg Bonnen is crucial to future Pro-Life victories in the Texas Legislature.

Don’t be fooled by the desperate campaign tactics: Both candidates met with our volunteer PAC board (who are not paid), and the PAC board found that only one candidate shares Texas Right to Life’s position on the sanctity of innocent human life at all stages, regardless of age, physical impairment, or mental ability.

Early voting for the runoff election is already underway, and Election Day is Tuesday, July 31st. Pro-Life voters must turn out for this important run off election to keep the Pro-Life majority in the Texas House.

Please vote Pro-Life for Dr. Greg Bonnen.

To learn more about Greg, visit: www.DrGregBonnen.com

Texas Right to Life PAC proudly paid for this important Pro-Life voter alert.