Don´t Lose Texas

Friend —

I regret to inform you that we're about to lose Texas.
Because Texas Right to Life pushed so hard to keep the sonogram in the Sonogram Law and to take your tax dollars away from the billion-dollar abortion industry, we are suffering brutal attacks to eliminate Pro-Life candidates this November.
The attacks are coming at Texas Right to Life from all sides.
The entertainment and media industry attacked Sid Miller and Dan Patrick, two of our most valued Pro-Life state officials, because they sponsored the Sonogram Law that is saving lives and forcing abortionists to reveal the truth about the child in the womb.   
For an entire week, Doonesbury, a shrill leftist, national political cartoon, even distorted Sid Miller's and Dan Patrick’s physical features and name and painted them — and Pro-Lifers like you and me — as people who don't care about women.
I wish I could tell you that voters don't listen to the media, but I can't.  I am puzzled by how the general public can’t see through the pro-death propaganda instruments that masquerade as mainstream media.
Another attack is from the courts.  Planned Parenthood can’t win a fair fight so they resort to the courts and have filed yet another lawsuit on a Pro-Life policy passed by Texas Right to Life and our Pro-Life elected leadership team.  When renewing the Women’s Health Program, legislators sent a message, “If you commit abortions, you are not worthy of the tax dollars of Texas citizens.” 

And Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion chain, is desperate to keep their hands in our pockets and hopes the court will thwart the will of the Legislature by reversing the law.
The leftist propaganda media is echoing the wolf cry:  “Planned Parenthood and poor women are victims of Texas Pro-Life policy!”  The New York Times recently interviewed me again, this time about this new lawsuit.  I told them that Planned Parenthood is frantic to stay relevant, to keep up their shroud of being a valid women’s health provider — and that funding the abortion industry is NOT pro-choice for taxpayers!!!
In my last message to you, I highlighted our three highest scoring Pro-Life legislators in the Texas House: Sid Miller, Bryan Hughes, and Wayne Christian.  Now we are defending others, too, who are under attack in the primary.

Texas Right to Life PAC has prioritized 20 races for the state legislature.  The next five weeks is crucial for our state.  After the election on May 29th, we hope to be celebrating Pro-Life victories, but we cannot do that without you.  
The Texas medical lobby is also attacking, trying to remove the Pro-Life champs from office because they won't back the ten-day law, known as the Futile Care Law.  Remember — this is the law that established death panels in Texas, the law that allows doctors to deny you care, regardless of your illness or your ability to pay!
Friend, many legislators are in the pockets of the medical lobby and accept their money for reelection, but our Pro-Life legislators can't be bought. Sid, Bryan, and Wayne pass legislation despite the medical lobby because Life is their priority, not the elimination of “useless eaters.”
We must stop this vicious pro-death pattern of legislation and that's why we need our top 20 Pro-Life candidates and incumbents to win on May 29th.

Elections have consequences — help Texas Right to Life PAC turn those consequences into Pro-Life victories on May 29th!
I recently asked you to support our battle to help reelect Sid, Bryan, and Wayne.  You answered my call.  Now that Texas Right to Life PAC is needed in 20+ races, I’m asking again.  So far, you and supporters like you, raised $30,547 in only four days!

We are 33% of the way to our goal to winning on May 29th!

Will you click this link right now and donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 to meet our goal and protect Life?


The forces of evil are well-funded so we must raise $103,800 by May 29 to wage a robust campaign for Life and immediately shut down the pro-death interest groups before they have the free run of our legislature.
I know we can do it. Please help me stand up to these powerful million-dollar interest groups and re-elect Pro-Life leaders who can stand-up to them right now.
Thanks for all you do,